Haima Global Network


Haima Global Network (HAIMAGLOBALNETWORK, AS139328) is operated by Haima Global Network, a tiny geek team.


We have an open peering policy. You can peer with us through Internet eXchanges that we have in common, or individually.




  • China LSHIY Group co., Ltd.(AS24144)
  • Akari Networks(AS139299)
  • 4b42 Internet Exchange Point(AS35708)
  • Alanyhq Network(AS208266)
  • Ruifeng Co., Ltd.(AS135383)
  • TENVM Technology Limited(AS140219)
  • Contact

    Network operation questions please send email to [email protected] .

    For Peer issues please send email to [email protected] .

    Abuse report please send email to [email protected] .

    Technical issues please send email to [email protected] .

    Other questions please send email to [email protected] or [email protected] .

    Replying maybe slow.


    The page is copied from THGN.

  • This network only support IPv6.
  • Yes, we're too lazy to design a page for it.

    Last updated on 2020-3-20